Easy Flying With The Gyro Flyer Radio Controlled Helicopter

This Gyro Flyer radio controlled helicopter claims to be super easy to fly. Radio controlled helicopters can be great fun once you get the hang of flying them without crashing too often, but some can be a lot harder [Read more...]

Levitate Your Trinkets With The Antigravity Platform

How about levitating trinkets, ornaments, and more with the anti-gravity platform. Levitation means to suspend in the air and this amazing gadget allows you to do just that with just about any small, lightweight [Read more...]

Super Stomping Monster Feet

Here’s something for the little ones, they can stomp around pretending to be whatever  monster they choose with these super stomping monster feet. Just great for your little monsters to have some fun they can be used indoors or [Read more...]

Skatecycle Recreational Vehicle

This cool looking vehicle is known as the Skatecycle and it won an International Design Excellence Award, plus a place in the Henry Ford Museum. If you fancy a go on one of these you’re gonna need to combine foot [Read more...]

Syma S107 Metal Frame 3 Channel Remote Control Helicopter

This cool looking RC helicopter uses gyroscope technology and has a 3 Channel radio control unit to help avoid interference. At 19cm long and just 34 grams it is suitable for indoor flying. We can’t guarantee you [Read more...]

Star Wars Interactive R2D2 Droid

If you’re a fan of Star wars then you’re going to love this state of the art R2 series astromech droid. Having been newly programmed at the manufacturers factory the unit is primed and ready to follow [Read more...]

Lego Technic Motorized Excavator

We all like to be just big kids sometimes and if you’re in that frame of mind then why not have a look at the Lego Technic motorized excavator? Although it’s recommended for the over 12′s it’s sure to keep many a [Read more...]

Fascinations Magic Garden Crystal Wish Flower Set

Crystal growing kits have been around for years but this might just seem a little different, rather than just the usual stuff this kit lets you grow what they call a crystal flower. Apparently the Fascinations magic garden crystal wish [Read more...]

Diego NDC6003-GDG: Npower Flash Jr. Rugged Digital Camera

This isn’t just your run of the mill simple toy camera, this is a real digital camera that’s made to be both easy to use and durable enough for those young explorers to handle. Your kids will be pleased to find that the Go Diego Go! [Read more...]